Key features
• Two power settings to suit both large and small refrigeration units
• Continuous cyclical operation to maintain odour free, sterile air
• No environmentally unfriendly chemical consumables
• Sleek, modern design that works unobtrusively in the background
• Maintenance free with battery life of 3months
• LED indicator prompt for battery replacement

OC FridgeCare

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The OC FridgeCare is a battery powered ozone generator designed specifically for refrigeration units. It keeps fridges and cold stores free of unpleasant odours as well as inhibiting the growth of mould and bacteria and is ideal for busy commercial kitchens.

The natural bactericidal properties of ozone both prevent cross contamination of foodstuffs as well as prolonging the shelf life of fruit and vegetables.

Typical applications

The OC FridgeCare is suitable for any commercial kitchen and can be used effectively in refrigerated food storage units as well as at semi-enclosed food distribution points, e.g. salad bars and buffets.


Height: 116mm
Width: 70mm Depth: 80mm
Weight: 0.15kg
Power supply: 3x AA batteries
Warranty: 6 months