Ozone Destruct Cycle

Technical information

Dimensions: 305 x 334 x 327 mm
Weight: 6.2kg
Mains supply: 230v: 50Hz
Ozone output: 7,000 mg per hour

Operational documents

Health & Safety Executive Guidance Note
User Training Certificate
Treatment area warning sign

OC700 Natural Cleaner

Powerful and portable – a great combination

The OC700 Natural Cleaner is a state of the art, compact and powerful ozone generator that restores air quality at the touch of a button. It generates a measured amount of ozone, a gas that naturally destroys odours and bacteria on contact, cleaning the air both simply and quickly.

Fresh clean smelling air is often critical for business and the OC700 will deliver sanitised environments each and every time. Its flexibility means it can be used by any business or organisation where good air quality is vital. It can help return rooms to service within 15 minutes, making it ideal for care homes and hotels, where the rapid elimination of odours is often key to higher occupancy.

Its portability means it can be quickly and easily moved to areas that need treating, making it ideal for offices, classrooms and even mobile homes.
In fact, any indoor area that has an odour problem.

Cheaper and more efficient than traditional air cleaning technology, it means fresh air each and every time.

Safe and simple to use
Place the OC700 in the room to be treated, turn it on, select the treatment time…and leave the room – it’s that simple.

The OC700 does the rest – whatever cycle time you choose the OC700 will automatically produce ozone and then, using its inbuilt destruct capability, destroy any residual ozone so rooms are safe to reoccupy as soon as the cycle time finishes.

No more artificial air fresheners that only mask unpleasant odours. Just fresh clean smelling air.

Typical applications

Ozone will destroy all known odours – from smoking, damp, cooking and paint, ozone naturally attacks the odour and will eliminate it. As a gas it can get into hard to reach areas and is especially effective at getting
to odours trapped in soft furnishings like carpets and curtains.

Whether it’s an emergency or part of routine cleaning, the OC700 will become an invaluable part of your housekeeping armoury.

Key features

Easy to use push button control panel

5 fully automated activation and deactivation cycles:
15 min, 30 min, 45 min, 60 min, 120 min.
Instant safety stop button
Inbuilt usage meter (hr)
Lightweight aluminium construction