5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Ozone Generators

If your home or building is plagued with mould or mildew, you may be searching for a way to eliminate it. Mould can have some nasty health effects if it’s present in your space. This is one of the benefits of ozone generators; it can get rid of mould.

When choosing ozone generators, it can be difficult to pick the right one. If you’re prepared with the right questions to ask, finding one will be a breeze.

Do you want to learn a bit more about what you should be asking? Read our list of essential questions below.

1. What Can an Ozone Generator Do for Me?

Ozone generators have many uses. They’re helpful when it comes to arthritis or ear infections, for example. The generator works as a disinfectant for patients suffering from various medical conditions.

They’re also great for killing off mould and mildew. Ozone treatment is enough to eliminate this pesky fungus.

Does your building smell like smoke? They’re great for eliminating these odours too.

2. What Is the Right Size for My Space?

The correct sized ozone generator is important for your health and for getting the results that you’re looking for.

The output of ozone generators is measured in milligrams per hour. Choosing one that has an output that’s too little will leave you with minimal results.

Keep the size of the area that you’re treating in mind. This will help you find the generator size that will get you the best results.

This doesn’t always depend on the size of the generator, but also the length of time that it runs. If the generator is the wrong size, it could take longer to see results.

3. How Easy Are They to Use?

The term ozone generator might sound intimidating, but many of these units are quite simple to use.

Like many other machines used today, they’re becoming automated. As they become more high-tech, there are some great ozone generator features being added.

Some units have auto-shutoff features or timers. Many have digital screens to use when controlling the unit. They can be battery-powered or powered through a wall plug-in.

In addition to their features, you can also choose from mobile or permanent units.

4. What Are the Proper Procedures to Follow When Using One?

There are differences in use with all ozone generators. The best way to use them properly is to read the instructions for your unit. Aside from this, there are a few universal truths for all units.

If your unit has a timer, then you should use it. It can help regulate the ozone circulating and ensure that it’s not on for too long or little.

Once it has finished its job, give the ozone some extra time to dissipate. This will ensure that it’s safe for you to re-enter.

If you’re unsure of anything else about the use of the machine, be sure to ask before buying ozone generators.

5. What’s the Price?

Ozone generators can be bought or rented. You can choose what you want to go with, but often, they’re shown to be a great return on investment.

The price will differ depending on the machine’s size and its features. You’ll also want to remember that the chemicals used with it will cost you as well.

Choosing Ozone Generators: Now You’re Ready to Shop

If you’re in the market for a machine, it’s important that you understand everything about them. With these questions answered, you’ll be prepared when choosing ozone generators.

Are you ready to find the right ozone generator for you? Take a look at our products to find one that suits your needs!