Ozone Clean: Using Clean Air to Clean Your Air

Choose a sustainable way to eliminate odours and sanitise your rooms. Ozone Clean offers a range of ozone generators in the UK that effectively removes unpleasant smells in various facilities.

Since our establishment in 2005, we have been at the forefront of using ozone to clean rooms naturally. Our products are designed to kill most bacteria, pathogens and viruses. Their effectiveness lies in ozone’s ability to suppress organic compounds. When ozone comes in contact with odour (usually an organic compound), the smell oxidises into a harmless, non-odorous substance.

The result is a fresh, thoroughly sanitised room.

TOur growing clientele is proof that we’re the top manufacturer and supplier of ozone machines in the country. Every year, we treat 8 million rooms, and the businesses we work with enjoy a return on investment within 12 months.

TOn top of that, we employ practices that do not harm the environment.

Be a part of our effective, environment-friendly movement. Choose Ozone Clean’s commercial ozone generators for your UK business. Contact us today for a free product demonstration.


By using Ozone Cleans’ range of
Products we can help you


OC FridgeCare

Battery powered ozone generator for refrigeration units

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OC Plugin

Permanent background e.g. bedroom, kitchen, changing room, vehicle

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OC1500 Natural Cleaner

Mobile unit, all areas, including bedrooms, function suites and communal areas

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Ozone Destruct Cycle

OC700 Natural Cleaner

Permanent background e.g. bedroom, kitchen, changing room, vehicle

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OC100 Natural Cleaner

The OC100 is a stylish, compact and flexible ozone generator that is ideal for public rooms and areas where a fresh environment is vital for good business.

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Keep Your Fridge Fresh

The OC FridgeCare is a battery-powered ozone machine designed for UK refrigerators and cold stores. It:
  • Removes unpleasant odours
  • Prevents mould and bacterial growth
  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Prolongs shelf life of fruits and vegetables

It’s ideal for:

  • Refrigeration units
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Semi-enclosed food distribution points

Enjoy Portable Freshness

The OC Plugin is a plug-in ozone cleaning device that delivers ozone wherever needed. It:

  • Effectively destroys airborne odours
  • Cleans both small and large areas
  • Can be used with other OC Plugins

It’s ideal for:

  • Offices and meeting rooms
  • Medical treatment rooms
  • Food preparation areas

Eliminate Odours Fast

The OC1500 Natural Cleaner is a mobile ozone treatment system designed for UKhealth, safety and housekeeping professionals. It:

  • Eliminates odours from smoke, mould, mildew and sewage
  • Helps control infections
  • Maintain a fresh-smelling environment

It’s ideal for:

  • Communal spaces in hotels
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Offices and function rooms
  • Garbage storage areas

Combine Portable and Powerful

The OC700 Natural Cleaner is a powerful yet compact ozone generator that restores the quality of air with a touch of a button. It:

  • Cleans air simply and quickly
  • Is safe and easy to use
  • Is more efficient than traditional air cleaning

It’s ideal for:

  • Rooms with carpets and curtains
  • Spaces with hard-to-reach areas
  • Areas with cooking or smoking odours

Keep Public Areas Fresh

The OC100 Ozone Generator is a UK ozonator that eliminates unpleasant odours and bacteria in public places. It:

  • Discreetly treats unpleasant air
  • Maintains fresh environments
  • Has adjustable ozone production settings

It’s ideal for:

  • Public toilets
  • Corridors
  • Waiting and treatment rooms
  • Changing rooms
  • Food processing facilities
The OC700 is great value for money and the best in its performance class.
30 minutes and the smell is gone with the room ready to be used straight after

- Maria Fernandez, Operations Manager Holiday Inn Express London

I have used both the OC1500 and OC700 in our daily operations of removing unwanted smells from our bedrooms with outstanding results, the bad odour permanently gone in 15 minutes. The machines are extremely reliable, safe and simple to use. We have had our machine for over 8 years at this property and it is still in great condition generating a return on our investment within 12 months, enabling us to sell rooms ordinarily kept out of service.

- Paul Berncastle, Executive Housekeeper, Bethnall Green Town Hall Hotel and Apartments

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