5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Ozone Generators

If your home or building is plagued with mould or mildew, you may be searching for a way to eliminate it. Mould can have some nasty health effects if it’s present in your space. This is one of the benefits of ozone generators; it can get rid of mould. When choosing ozone generators, it can be […]

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Ozone Clean supporting local charity….MAKE A VISOR SAVE A HERO

  As you may be aware there are a growing number of Facebook charities popping up all over the place, supporting good causes to get us all through this very challenging time. As a family, we have been cooking for You donate…We deliver who are feeding the NHS staff. As a business, Ozone Clean has […]

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Ozone effect on Viruses and Bacteria.

Ozone. Some Basic Facts: On planet earth there 5 groups of living organisms: 1) Plants 2) Animals 3) Fungi 4) Bacteria 5) Viruses This same grouping would also apply to size. 1) The tallest plant, the Californian Redwood tree at 115 m. (380ft). 2)The largest animal the Blue Whale at 30m long, 100 ft. and […]

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FAB FOUR’ FEED THE NHS At the start of the Corona Virus pandemic, Jackie Commissar & daughter Katie Icklow teamed up with close friends Sarah Laster & David Benveniste to form a group to help the NHS with home cooked food. Jackie, with a friend working in a ‘Covid 19 ward at the Northwick Park […]

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COVID-19 experiment results and Ozone

Recently, most countries have been fighting the virus with different methods. We sincerely hope you and the people you love are well from COVID-19. According to the experiment results from lab reports, ozone can kill 99.22% SARS. Meanwhile, SARS and COVID-19 has the similarity of 87.10% (media report, Feb 9, 2020) This may be the […]

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