COVID-19 experiment results and Ozone

Recently, most countries have been fighting the virus with different methods. We sincerely hope you and the people you love are well from COVID-19. According to the experiment results from lab reports, ozone can kill 99.22% SARS. Meanwhile, SARS and COVID-19 has the similarity of 87.10% (media report, Feb 9, 2020) This may be the […]

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How to Remove Smells from Restaurant Kitchens

There’s nothing worse than having the smell raw seafood, mixed with burnt meat, mould, grease and various smells of spilled ingredients. Not a very appetizing smell for any restaurant kitchen, not to mention unsanitary and unhygienic. It is perfectly understandable that commercial kitchens tend to accumulate more smells as wide variety of meals are prepared […]

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Ozone effect on Viruses and Bacteria.

Ozone. Some Basic Facts: On planet earth there 5 groups of living organisms: 1) Plants 2) Animals 3) Fungi 4) Bacteria 5) Viruses This same grouping would also apply to size. 1) The tallest plant, the Californian Redwood tree at 115 m. (380ft). 2)The largest animal the Blue Whale at 30m long, 100 ft. and […]

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Three Ways to Remove Damp Smell from the Bathroom

Let’s face it; no bathroom is safe from the “damp smell”. It’s a room in the house or that is always used, and always wet. If the bathroom is not well ventilated, the smell becomes persistent and almost impossible to get rid of. That damp smell is most likely coming from a build up of […]

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How to Get the Smell of Smoke out of Your House

In the UK, 15.1% of people over the age of 18 smoke cigarettes. Perhaps you were one of these habitual smokers, but not anymore. In this case, you may find yourself very sensitive to the smell of smoke, and unfortunately, the smell’s built up in our home. Or maybe you were never a smoker but […]

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