How do Ozone Generators Work? Your Complete Guide

In the United Kingdom, owning a pet is a way of life. More than 50% of British residents own a pet. Of that 50%, 24% own a cat while the other 26% own a dog. Owning a pet has many advantages, however, one of the few downsides are the resulting odors. Owning a pet can […]

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Can Ozone Generators Remove Pet Odours from My Home?

Anyone who’s ever had a pet can attest to the difficulty of the task of removing unwanted pet smell from his or her homes. No matter how often we wash our pets, their smell will still linger on, as over time, the unwanted smell of our beloved pets cling to the couch, the walls, the […]

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Circular Economy and Ozone Clean

  The Circular Economy is a transition away from the “buy, use, throw away” model to the “made to be made again” model. Ozone Clean are not only doing their positive best for the environment with the way they have revolutionised the way hospitality and many other industries remove unwanted odours and bacteria, by using […]

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5 Reasons Why Hotels Should Invest in Ozone Air Purifying Machine

If you own or work in a hotel, this scenario might be familiar to you: did you ever open your hotel room door and a waft of revolting cigarette smell greets your nostrils? It’s terrible enough to stay in that room yourself because of the smell, but it gets worse if you think about the […]

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Should You Use an Ozone Generator? (The Answer: Yes!)

Does petrichor curl your toes? If you are a lover of wet weather and the smell after a thunderstorm, the sharp scent you crave is ozone. Rain washes all the dust and particulates from the air, then the electrical discharge from lightning blasts nitrogen and oxygen molecules apart. Human noses are sensitive to the distinctive […]

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