Destroying Unpleasant Odours

Ozone is a very strong oxidizer. As it oxidizes a substance ozone will literally destroy the substance’s molecules.

Odour problems originate from numerous sources including bacteria, moulds, smoking, chemical fumes, cooking and pets. Odours can be big problem when they are affixed to clothing, furniture fabrics, or carpets. Mould and fungus contamination are another major source of unpleasant odours and creates a musty, stale odour which can be both an annoyance and a health issue to those suffering from allergies or asthma.

Traditional odour removal consists of masking the odour with a less offensive odour, or removing the odour by using strong chemicals or filtering systems. However, air filters require the air in the room to be pulled through the filter and cannot remove odours embedded into clothing, furniture fabrics and carpets. Masking the unpleasant odour is only a short term solution to the problem.

When ozone comes in contact with organic compounds or bacteria, the extra atom of oxygen destroys the contaminant by oxidation. Ozone decomposes to oxygen after being used so no harmful by-products result.

Ozone will neutralise virtually all organic odours, specifically those that contain carbon as their base element. This will include all the bacteria and fungus groups as well as smoke, decay, and cooking odours.

The OC700 is great value for money and the best in its performance class.
30 minutes and the smell is gone with the room ready to be used straight after

- Maria Fernandez, Operations Manager Holiday Inn Express London

I have used both the OC1500 and OC700 in our daily operations of removing unwanted smells from our bedrooms with outstanding results, the bad odour permanently gone in 15 minutes. The machines are extremely reliable, safe and simple to use. We have had our machine for over 8 years at this property and it is still in great condition generating a return on our investment within 12 months, enabling us to sell rooms ordinarily kept out of service.

- Paul Berncastle, Executive Housekeeper, Bethnall Green Town Hall Hotel and Apartments

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