Ozone Clean supporting local charity….MAKE A VISOR SAVE A HERO


As you may be aware there are a growing number of Facebook charities popping up all over the place, supporting good causes to get us all through this very challenging time.

As a family, we have been cooking for You donate…We deliver who are feeding the NHS staff. As a business, Ozone Clean has been working with and supporting Make a Visor save a Hero, who have made over 200,000 Visors over the past few weeks, #VisorArmy, Both found on Facebook.

Many of the Visor Army consist of local volunteers, in their own homes making these by hand. Whilst with the best of intention they are making these in as sterile a setting as possible the Visor Army did not want to deliver a product with Virus or Bacteria on. That’s when Ozone Clean stepped in. We are sterilising all Visors before they are sent out by efficiently spacing them out in a local hall and treating them with the extended cycles of our OC1500 and OC700 with a level of over 2PPM (Parts Per Million) of Ozone concentration. Free of charge.

MAKE A VISOR SAVE A HERO wrote on their Facebook page: “Our amazing Intensive Care doctors, nurses, anaesthetists and support staff are as on the frontline as it gets when it comes to working with Covid 19 patients. They are putting their lives at risk every day and yet they are running out of protective visors for their face. We can all help. -Making the visors at home -Supplying materials to make the visors -Donating to purchase materials -Picking up the visors and taking to central point to be distributed to ICU If you would like to help making visors please find your nearest hub coordinator in the pinned post on their Facebook page and contact them with your phone number and they will be in touch with further details.

To help all of you amazing people who want to assist please see below!!

Ladies and Gents who are all asking to help, thank you so much, wonderful to see! We started in NW London area only a few weeks ago and by connecting on here it grew v quickly and now becoming of great interest Nationally. The best ways to check what’s going in your areas are 1) please check the announcements part of our group, there is a post with a number of areas that have their hub coordinators listed already. Please contact them via pm if so. 2) make an individual post asking about your area where you live, it flags up much easier for people to see and helps you connect better to each other. Areas outside of London and nearby Home Counties are unlikely (certainly at this stage) to be run by us NW London ladies in terms of materials supply etc due to distance, so needs to be emulated by willing co-ords in your areas. I hope that makes sense and good luck!!”


They are very organised with PDF’s on their page showing their volunteers exactly how to make the Visors, they have a large hub of drivers and makers all local people coming together to help and support where they feel it is needed.


If this is something you feel you would like to help with please find your way to their Facebook page, they are based in North West London.


Please feel free to donate to this cause by clicking the link below.