At the start of the Corona Virus pandemic, Jackie Commissar & daughter Katie Icklow teamed up with close friends Sarah Laster & David Benveniste to form a group to help the NHS with home cooked food.

Jackie, with a friend working in a ‘Covid 19 ward at the Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow Middx, and Sarah, with a sister working as a registrar in the ICU at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead London, decided to send chicken soup and snacks up to these 2 hospitals after being told the staff didn’t have time to leave their wards to eat.

David Benveniste, approached friends who were not working, and found that many of them were willing to deliver the food. Their first hospital delivery was 26th March.

A Facebook group was then formed, and the 4 friends decided on the name of ‘You Donate… We Deliver’

Approx.3 weeks on this little group, have now expanded to create a massive network of local friends who are helping them to feed the NHS.

They now have a team of 9 top professional chefs, cooking a total of 750 -1,000 delicious meals a day, all prepared within the guidelines of health & safety. Many of these chefs are ‘Cordon Blue’ and some even ‘Michelin Star’ chefs who have worked in top London famous restaurants.

After being approached by another close friend, Amanda Howe, who’s father had been so well looked after by ambulance drivers that she was making them sandwiches and snacks every day, they recruited neighbours and local friends to make more and enough sandwiches for the paramedics too.

They have also set up 6 ‘hubs’ in local areas where groups of friends drop of beautifully wrapped baked goods, cookies and snacks.

Two marquee tents have now been erected in the front drive of Katies home in Borehamwood Herts, to protect against the weather while the meals are being packed and sent out every morning to the hospitals in time for lunch.

Meals are placed in approx. 5,000 food containers donated from a generous container company, and delivered free of charge

Everyone works tirelessly every day organising the whole network, ensuring the correct numbers of meals are ready for each hospital, working with spread sheets, and also buying ingredients for all the chefs.

Sarah, whilst suffering herself with the ‘Covid’ virus, and isolating at home for 3 weeks, still managed to work co-ordinating with her 3 colleagues whilst also arranging materials for local mums and kids to make protective visors for the NHS staff.

The team have also donated fridges to 2 hospitals, along with pillows and microwaves for the doctors, and are now appealing for funds to build up their ‘Go Fund’ page so they can take on and help more hospitals.

Currently their Facebook page ‘You Donate… We Deliver’ has almost 1000 members.

They are proud to say that donations have been pouring in from friends and family, but it’s vital that this continues so that they can afford to buy the ingredients for the chefs and whatever else is needed to keep the operation going until the crisis is over.

They are appealing for help from the public as they are being approached daily from new hospitals who are desperate for decent home cooked food to keep their staff well fed throughout their ordeal.


To follow and support on Facebook please search for   You donate we deliver.