Key Features
• “Plug and play” operation
• Continuous operation to maintain odour free, sterile air
• No environmentally unfriendly chemical consumables
• Sleek, modern design that works unobtrusively in the background
• Maintenance free

OC Plugin

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The OC Plug-In fits into any standard 13amp electrical socket and can deliver background ozone exactly where it is needed. This discreet unit provides great flexibility and is highly effective at helping destroy airborne odours. If necessary it can be used in conjunction with other OC Plug-In units to cope with both small and larger areas.

Typical applications

The OC Plug-In is a simple, effective solution for stuffy meeting rooms, busy offices, medical treatment rooms and food preparation areas. It keeps rooms fresh smelling and can be moved easily from place to place as circumstances dictate.


Height: 92mm
Width: 68mm
Depth: 55mm
Weight: 0.15kg
Power consumption: Max 3W
Power supply: 230-240V
Warranty: 6 months
Maximum room size (1unit): 30m3