Technical information

Electrical specifications
Input voltage: 220v, 50Hz/120v, 60Hz
Input power: 350w
Air flow rate: 450+ CFM

Performance specifications
Ozone outputs: True 15,000mg/hour with ambient air input

Mechanical specifications
Enclosure: aluminum/steel construction
Dimensions: 400x440x880mm
Weight: 26kg

Environmental limits
Ambient temperature: 25-130°F
Relative humidity up to 95% (non-condensing)

1 Year

Operational documents

User manual
Residual ozone report
Health & Safety Executive Guidance Note
User Training Certificate
Treatment area warning sign

OC1500 Natural Cleaner

The OC1500 Natural Cleaner is the global leader in its performance class. It is a rugged and fully mobile ozone generator designed for use by health, safety and housekeeping professionals. It can be used to sanitise rooms through the rapid and complete elimination of odours from organic compounds, such as smoke, mould, mildew, foodstuffs and sewage.

The OC1500 Natural Cleaner utilises unique patented double dielectric discharge technology to achieve an industry leading ozone output of 15,000mg/h under ambient air conditions. This high level of ozone is particularly effective in treating bedrooms and communal spaces in hotels, health care facilities and office environments where traditional methods of air restoration are not effective.

Safe deactivation cycle

The OC1500 features both an activation cycle and a fully automated deactivation cycle. This deactivation cycle rapidly clears an area of ozone, minimising the time spent performing air treatment. The OC1500 complies with UL, FCC and CSA standards.

Typical applications

Typical applications of the OC1500 include use by hotel and restaurant personnel to remove odours from rooms contaminated by tobacco smoke or other material, as well as to eliminate odours found in function rooms, garbage storage areas and after redecoration. Health care professionals use the OC1500 to help control infections as well as to maintain fresh smelling environments for residents and visitors.

Application process

The OC1500 ozone application process requires first removing people, pets and plants from an enclosed area. OC1500 operation is then achieved by using a built-in digital keypad to select room size and treatment time, from 5 minutes up to 48 hours. When the OC1500 is turned on, a flashing yellow light gives the operator a one minute warning to leave the room before ozone generation begins. When ozone generation starts, the buzzer sounds 10 blasts. When treatment has been completed, including the ozone deactivation cycle, the OC1500 buzzer sounds again and the flashing light goes off. The deactivation cycle has removed the residual ozone and the area may immediately be re-occupied.


The OC1500 must only be used in unoccupied spaces and in accordance with the operations manual.

Safety features

Keyswitch operated to prevent unauthorised use
Re-settable manual circuitbreaker
High intensity flashing light indicator
Cycle start/stop alarm
Differential air pressure regulator with auto shutdown

Other features

Fully automatic activation and deactivation cycles
Cycle time 15 minutes to 48hours
Control: digital keypad with large backlit display providing clear and easy to understand operator prompts
Free parameter settings of room size and treatment time
Large wheels for easy rolling, leaves no tracks
101.6mm (4″) ozone output duct for optional routing to remote areas