Key Features

  • “Plug ‘n Play” operation.
  • Very Low Maintenance.
  • Sleek modern COMPACT design.
  • No environmentally unfriendly chemicals.
  • Suitable for both fixed and portable operation.
  • Continues operating loop allows 24/7 economic use.

OC80V2 Natural Cleaner


The OC80V2 is a stylish, compact and flexible ozone generator that is ideal for public rooms and areas where a fresh environment is vital for good business. Unpleasant odours and bacteria, typically found in public toilets, corridors, and waiting and treatment rooms can all be removed with this discreet and effective air and surface treatment system. In fact, it can be used anywhere that “fresh air” is needed.

Typical Applications

The OC80V2 is suitable for a wide variety of businesses and organisations.
Typical applications include use by hotels, restaurants and cinemas to remove
odours from public toilets and guest corridors, especially if affected by smoking or
kitchen smells. Other commercial applications include health and fitness club changing rooms, company meeting rooms and food processing facilities. Medical facilities and vets use the OC80V2 in waiting and treatment rooms where the bactericidal effects of ozone are particularly useful.



  • Input voltage AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption 14W max.
  • Ozone output 2-80 mg/hr
  • Size 210 x 142 x 75mm @ 1KG
  • Warranty 12 months
  • Plug Type: UK (EU.US.AU Available on request) Website: